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H ope Community Church was started in 1988 with a handful of people who had the vision of a Church that would meet people where they are at.  This would be a church that was contemporary in style, relevant in its message, and welcoming in its approach.  It would be a place of deepening community.

Hundreds of people took advantage of that opportunity and in turn invited their friends and neighbors to discover or rediscover God and church. Hope Community Church helped to start other churches with a similar desire to help our communities to grow.

We also bought 7.5 acres of land on 68th and Fraser Highway in the Clayton Heights area with the dream of building a church community where needs are met and people come to know a God who loves them.  That dream is becoming a reality as are finishing our building project and will be moving in January 2016.

Hope Community Church, while being a self-governing church, is a part of the Christian Reformed Denomination. The Christian Reformed Denomination is in the Presbyterian family of churches, which emphasizes the centrality of God’s truth and love in the Bible. We believe that the all-powerful hand of God is guiding history to His eternal conclusion. The Christian Reformed Denomination sees faith as part of every aspect of life and therefore strives to be involved in this world with relief efforts across the nations, with strong educational programs and an emphasis on social justice.  As part of this strong denomination we are linked with over 900 Churches and over 340,000 Christians throughout Canada and the United States. In fact it was this strong desire to live out God’s mission that brought about Hope Community’s beginning.

Hope Community continues to attempt to live out God’s call to bring His love to this world that so needs His love.

We long to be:


A diverse, celebratory church of missional, disciple-making people who impact their communities. A relational network for people on a faith journey together. A church that has a culture and atmosphere of faith, hope, and love. A church that challenges people to become all that God had purposed and destined for their lives. A hub of community involvement.

At Hope Community Church…

  •  We believe that Jesus Christ died upon the cross to redeem our lives and that He rose from the dead and now sits at the right-hand of God the Father.  We believe He will come again to set all things right.
  • We believe the Bible is the Word of God. It’s is the love story of God bringing redemption to the world.
  • We believe in the Holy Spirit. We believe the Holy Spirit gifts us and empowers us to bring God’s goodness to the world.
  • We believe that the Church is the God’s community and that community is called to worship and to service.  God has purpose and plans for our lives individually and collectively.

See our vision document here –HopeVision

Hope Community Church is part of the CRC denomination.  Hope Community Church was a church planted and started in 1989 by a group originating out of Fleetwood CRC.  It was guided in its beginning by our denominational agency called Home Missions which helps to start new churches.

Most of what the CRC teaches and believes it holds in common with believers around the world. Yet as a denomination we tend to emphasize some teachings or Scriptural interpretations more than others.

Three words that figure prominently within a Reformed emphasis are sovereignty, covenant, and kingdom.


After all, it’s God’s world.

It’s all about God! We hold a very high view of God’s sovereignty: God’s plan, God’s will, God’s power. Everything that happens in the world, from the acts of nations to the faith of individuals, is ultimately under God’s sovereign control.

We find it very comforting that God’s infinite love and grace is coupled with God’s power and ability to work on our behalf

Mysteriously, God doesn’t accomplish his will apart from human faith and action.  God calls people into relationship with him, urging people to say yes to God’s offer of salvation in Jesus and offer their lives to God in return. Although we’re deeply involved in responding to God’s love in Jesus Christ, salvation is ultimately God’s work from beginning to end.


Another word that shows up a lot in our Reformed emphasis is covenant. Perhaps that word isn’t familiar to you. A covenant is like a contract or a treaty. It involves partners who make promises to each other and then seal the deal in some appropriate way—with signatures, for example. The Bible talks of God as a “covenant-making God,” meaning that he makes promises and keeps them. (The word testament, as in Old and New Testaments, really means covenant.)

This is a very good thing to know! Because the sad truth of the matter is that we have a hard time keeping our promises. Think of all those New Year’s resolutions that dissipate in the light of January 2. God makes firm covenant promises to love and protect, to care for and guide his people. Though our promises may prove feeble, God’s are firm. In fact, God can carry our covenant all by himself. We profess that God’s promises are not simply made to individuals but to a community. We live in great comfort knowing that we can depend on this covenant keeping God together.


By God’s kingdom we mean God’s sovereign rule, God’s sphere of influence. We believe that God’s Spirit is busy extending God’s rule all over creation.

Certainly God’s reign is evident in spiritual experiences of renewal and change. But it is also evident in God’s gracious upholding of creation day by day, season by season. God’s reign is evident anywhere God’s will is done—in actions, lives, technology, artistry, and institutions.

God calls each of us to participate in the spread of his kingdom. The whole world is a place where we can carry out the mission of restoring God’s creation

Our kingdom focus means that our denomination has been active in some unique kingdom-building activities. Avoiding any division between sacred and secular, we encourage endeavours in any sphere of human activity: art, media, publishing, law, education, labor relations, caregiving, agriculture, business, social justice, and politics. No area of human enterprise is exempt.

After all, it’s God’s world.

Jesus came to bring the kingdom of God. His victory over sin and death turned the tide. Though sin, brokenness, and evil are still evident in the world, God’s kingdom is already here and is still coming. Someday Christ will come again, bringing the kingdom in full. In the meantime we pray and act for God’s kingdom to come.

When Hope Community Church was planted 25 years ago, a small group of God’s followers had a vision to reach out to the community to show the life changing power of God’s love.

and to know His love that surpasses knowledge – that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.(Ephesians 3:19)

Over the years, hundreds of people have come to know God and experience Jesus Christ through Hope Community.  We have followed where God has led us.  We took a leap of faith in 1994 and purchased property that we believed would in some way fit into God’s plan.

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.(Ephesians 3:20)

 We now feel God’s call to build His house, a place of worship and celebration, on that land purchased so many years ago.  We have been blessed with selfless giving from our membership, this is a wonderful show of faith from a relatively small congregation. Fall of 2014 we broke ground at the corner of 68/Fraser Hwy. As throughout the many months of construction, church members served in many ways to keep the cost down, by helping with construction, landscaping, cleaning… We we will be opening our doors for  Sunday services in January 2016.  We look forward to seeing how God will use this small community church in Clayton Heights.

Hope Community Church is a growing church that challenges people to grow in their walk with God.  For some this will mean becoming members of the church.  We encourage membership but we see all who attend the church as part of our church family. We have a membership process that involves taking a pastor’s class.  In it Pastor Sid will share the vision and basic beliefs of Hope Community Church. He will also answers questions that people bring to the class.

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