Ministry at Hope Community, Vibrant & Alive!

Ministry at Hope Community is viewed as something which is an honour and a privilege to be a part of.  We are blessed to be a blessing and encourage all members of our community to get involved in both service and personal spiritual growth.   Click on any ministry title below to read more.

Children’s Ministry – Cornerstone


Cornerstone is a children’s ministry for all kids age 3 to 12 (or preschool to Grade 6). Sign in your child before the service begins, children will also be given a name tag.

Children begin Sunday morning worship with their families in church, but are later dismissed from the service to Cornerstone. Here we meet our friends in one large group for a time of worship, prayer and sharing.  Then we divide up into smaller groups according to age. Each group in Cornerstone will take an in-depth look at a Bible story or Bible truth; this is enriched with an activity or two such as making something crafty or playing a game.

Cornerstone is coordinated and led by volunteers who have a love for children and children’s ministry. The children’s safety and well-being is a priority. It’s a wholesome environment and loving atmosphere where kids come to learn more about God and his love them.


Each Sunday morning, you will find dedicated caregivers in our nursery for babies and toddlers.  In the room behind the little kitchen by the gym entrance. If you would like, you are welcome to stay with your child in the nursery to see how they do.

Youth Ministry

Band together!

Band together!

Getting to know...

Getting to know…

Bowling with Youth!

Bowling with Youth!

Cornerstone Choir

Cornerstone Choir

Youth Gr 4-8
Run by Aaron, Scott, Steve, and Courtney, this is a fun evening of games, crafts, special outings, and a Bible study are offered to kids in grades 4 to 8. The program is designed to encourage children to develop friendships with each other and to develop a relationship with God. Nobody stays a stranger for long ! Join us on Tuesday evenings at 7:00pm We also encourage your kids to invite others to join in the fun. Check the calendar for upcoming events.

Youth gr 9+


Mexico Team 2013

With our leadership team of young adults, for those in grades 9-11. We focus on creating a fun, relaxed and encouraging place to hang with your friends. We talk about whatever issues are facing our youth and how to deal with the

Mexico Missions

One highlight activity for youth grades 9 and older is our nearly annual Mexico Missions Trip during the week of Easter.  During these missions trip, we partner with our brothers and sisters in Mexicali at the “Centro de Christiano” lead by Pastor Humberto Morando and his family.  Life changing, life understanding, and God recognized are a few ways to describe this vibrant piece of our youth ministry.
~ We are taking a year off from our Mexico Missions Trip; Spring 2016 we are looking into doing a local mission work.

For Current Events information – Visit our Youth Blog!

College & Careers

This ministry seeks to reach the “melted” age group that is so often critically missing in churches worldwide. We believe this to be an important age for people to make their faith their own by wrestling with key questions relating to what it means to follow Christ. College and Career provides numerous ways for involvement, not only within the ministry itself, but also in the greater church body at Hope Community, and ultimately and most importantly, the body of Christ.

Hope Community FC- is the church soccer team participating in the BCCSL. In our first season in the Premier division, we won the League Trophy with an undefeated season and made it to the semi-finals in playoffs. This team is by no means age specific-all adults are welcome to join!

Small  Groups

At Hope Community Church we consider a vibrant Small Group ministry an essential component to a healthy church. Our goal is to offer safe, welcoming and supportive environments for people to connect in meaningful ways, to grow in knowledge and understanding of the Bible and the Christian faith, and to discern what it means to follow Jesus in this time and place. For more info. or to be connected to a small group contact, Carolyn Gerber.


Board of Elders

Led by Chairman Stuart Gerber, the Board of Elders keeps the vision of Hope Community Church going.  It oversees all the issues relating to the mission and direction of the church.

Deacon’s Ministry

Led by Gerry Akkerman, the emphasis of the Deacon’s Ministry is one of “Prayer and Care.” We are a team of Hope Community members elected by the members to oversee the care of those in need at the church and in the community.  We know we must care but first we must pray for we do not want to act without God’s help.

Music Ministry

The music ministry is a subset of a larger worship ministry.  We help to bring the congregation into the presence of God and ready to hear his message.  We do this through leading people to sing songs of praise and worship to our Lord God and Saviour, and to provide an environment where we can all feel his endless love and presence.

If God has gifted you with an ability to sing or play a musical instrument, then you may be the right person for this ministry.  If you can commit to regular practices and growth both spiritually and musically then you may have what it takes.

Members of this ministry are committed to:

  • Regular practices (as much as once per week)
  • Practicing new songs and old at home individually
  • Showing up to services earlier for sound check and service run-through
  • Help to setup equipment and cabling.

We currently rotate between several worship leaders who then select musicians and singers for a specific Sunday service.  Some members can be more aligned with a specific worship leader, however everyone is available to any leader for service.

We are very blessed at Hope Community Church to have a large number of gifted musicians and singers that help to lead worship on Sundays and special events.  This list would be too long, so the following is only a list of the current Worship Leaders that are involved in assembling and planning the specific services.

  • Darcy White
  • John Paulsen
  • Kevin Watkins
  • Randy McIlmoyle
  • Stuart Gerber

Prayer Chain

Prayer Ministry is a foundational practice for the church of Hope Community. On Sunday mornings at 9:30 there is prayer time for the various needs of the community and of the church. All are welcome to participate in this ministry.  The prayer chain is also available for anyone who would like prayer. There are a group of participants who have volunteered to pray for these needs as they come up and if there is a need or an item of thanks to be shared please email [email protected]

Sound Ministry

The sound ministry is a subset of a larger worship ministry.  We help to allow God’s message to be HEARD by his people.  We do this by ensuring that all the sound equipment and cabling is setup for every service, and that the appropriate sound levels are maintained throughout.

Do you understand how sound equipment works?  Are you interested in sound technology?  Do you have a good ear to pick out different singers or instruments from a song?  Maybe God has gifted you in this area for a reason.

 Our team members are committed to:

  • Arrive early before services to setup equipment and cabling
  • Monitor sound board and adjust settings when required during services
  • Take down equipment and cabling at the end of service.

Current Members

  • Greg Gerber
  • Kim VanDijk
  • Mark Loenen
  • Vince VanRanden
  • Noah Akkerman
  • Randy Kingston

Women’s Ministry

Women’s Ministry #Women of Hope #Encouragement #A Place to Believe, Belong, Become #”For such a time as this…”

We are a growing ministry and want to see women connecting and encouraging each other.  Our ministry is about walking alongside each other at any age, any season of life whether married or single, young or old we want you to feel a part of things at Hope.  We will have regular monthly social activities alongside faith building activities such as a weekly book club or a yearly women’s retreat.  We want to get to know you to meet you wherever you are at in your faith and for you to find a fun, safe place to participate.  Whether new to church or been around for a long time, Women of Hope want to see you grow in new ways.


We are always looking for suggestions for social outings or fun things you would like to do so feel free to contact and send us your ideas!  Also please let us know if you are interested in being involved in Women’s Ministry, help is always welcome.

Men’s Ministry

Men’s Breakfast at 8:00 o’clock each third Saturday of the month, at our church.
Book Club Group meeting on the first and third Monday of the month.

We invite all men of all ages to seriously consider joining one or both of the groups.

For more info or to join either group call or email John Onderwater  john[AT], for call or email Peter Valkenier (604-510-4267, pcv42[AT]

Clayton Walking Group

Anyone is invited to join the walking group on Tuesday evenings (rain or shine). We meet at the Starbucks on Fraser Highway and 188 at 7:30 pm.

Worship Planning


“To worship is to experience Reality, to touch Life. It is to know, to feel, to experience the resurrected Christ in the midst of the gathered community. Worship is the human response to the divine initiative.”  (Richard Foster)

At Hope Community Church we believe that first and foremost worship sets us before the triune God so He can transform us.  We acknowledge that God loves us and calls out to us with “divine initiative”; we, in constant need of God’s strength, respond to His amazing love in worship. We trust that as we regularly gather in the power of the Lord, God’s Spirit will rise up among us, bind us together, and foster a servant hearted response that reflects the love and grace of Christ to our neighbours.

Our multi-generational Sunday morning gatherings are led by the pastor, the weekly host, and a worship band. We allow the Bible and confessions of the Christian Church to guide us as we worship in song, prayer, confession, testimony, teaching and the sacraments.

Hope Community church strives to keep current with God’s inspiration to contemporary worshipping communities, while honouring the traditions and practices of His church throughout the ages.  We believe that the weekly rhythm of communal worship keeps us grounded in God and helps us distinguish his voice from the clamor of everyday life.

No matter what your history with worship in the Christian church looks like, we warmly invite you to join this diverse group of Jesus seekers and followers on Sunday mornings at 10 am as we continue to discover together what it means to respond to the call and love of God, and to give all the praise, honour and glory due Him.

Adopt A Street

Coordinated by Curtis Kreklau, Hope Community Church, in partnership with the City of Surrey, has ‘adopted’ Fraser Highway between 184th & 188th Streets. Every 4-6 weeks a team of volunteers heads out to clean up the garbage that collects along the road. Our clean up area includes the frontage of our church property, the homes, business’, bus stops and sidewalks all along this stretch of Fraser Highway. It is a great opportunity to get out in the Clayton Heights community and meet the neighbours while helping to take care of the environment. Our efforts are always appreciated and well received. Anyone wishing to help is always welcome!

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