Mexico Outreach 2018

A ministry of the Hope Community Youth group, the Mexico Missions trip is an amazing way to serve and experience what is possible when you work daily with God in ministry.  Simply put, the experience is unlike anything else – humbling, exciting, amazing, and inspiring.  If you are in Grade 9 – 12 or a very recent high school graduate, this ministry is for you!

Our theme this year emphasizes the greatest mystery that will ever be revealed, which is “Immanuel”, God with us. Jesus is the perfect gift, who came down from heaven, sent by the Father of Heavenly Lights.
We are excited to return to Mexico and even more excited that you’re interested in serving in this ministry by telling others about Jesus Christ!
Open to youth in grades 9 to 12, and accompanied by a group of adult leaders, a Mexico Outreach experience is life-changing. Mexico Outreach was founded on the principle that young people of all ages can be effective in sharing the Gospel, and that within them are many gifts and talents to do so. Who is to say that one of them might not grow into a “Daniel,” and another into the next great missionary of our generation? Our prayer is that every participant with Mexico Outreach experiences Jesus Christ and finds themselves renewed in purpose in Him.

Be Brave!

Are you ready to offer yourself to be the fingerprints of God?  Join us this year March 21-30

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I understand my responsibilities and what it means to be a member of this mission team.  I will attend all team training days, and participate in fundraising efforts.  I understand that my cost for the trip is $820.00. I agree to abide by all civil laws of the country I am in and by the rules the administration of Hope Youth establishes for the team and for me as an individual.  My primary purpose is to be a compassionate representative of Jesus Christ; a benefit to the team and to the families and individuals we will be working with.  I also understand that this trip will be a growing experience and that my daily devotions are extremely important.  I am committed to the mission that God has chosen me for.

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I understand the responsibilities my son or daughter is assuming in this mission project and accept responsibility for the cost of transportation home should performance, character or health require immediate return from the mission site as assessed by the Mexico Missions appointed leader from Hope Community church.  I will submit a registration cheque for $150 within the next week (payable to Hope Community Church)

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