Surge Discipleship Program

Research suggests that there is a discipleship crisis in most North American churches. Not only is there a lack of it, but confusion over how it should be done. Over the last couple of years, the leaders at Hope have sought to make discipleship central to our church’s DNA. One of the primary ways that we aim to do this is through Surge.
What is Surge?
Surge is a 9 month discipleship training program that equips Christians to serve in the church, their workplace, and in the city. It was developed by a group of church leaders in Phoenix AZ, and more than 1000 people from a variety of denominations have gone through it.
Structure and Content
Participants of Surge join a small group that meets weekly for 9 months. Each week the group prays together, works through missional practices/BLESS Rhythms, and discusses the weekly readings.
The content of Surge is broken up into 4 quarters: The first quarter works through the overarching story of the Bible. The second quarter applies the gospel to our hearts. The third quarter discusses the purpose of the church in the world today. Finally, the fourth quarter opens up our calling to participate in God’s mission in in our workplaces and neighbourhoods.
The Plan
In September 2016, Pastor Sid and Dave joined 23 local pastors and church leaders from 14 denominations to participate in Surge. We launched two cohorts with the intention of bringing Surge to our local churches in 2017. Our prayer is that Surge will not only enrich our local church, but help build unity among the churches in our area. We believe that collaborative discipleship will enable us to more faithfully bear witness to Christ in the midst of our city.
To find out more about Surge, click here, or contact [email protected]

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